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Startup GogolFest special event
27 April 2019 | Saturday
20.00 – 22.30
Azov ship-repair
factory (Mariupol)
On 27th April, in one of the docks of the Azov ship-repairing factory, Vlad Troitsky will present the Grand Opera "Νερό" - an anthem to renascence and cleansing.

NOVA OPERA, social rave-band TseSho, actors from Contemporary Arts Center "Dakh" and "Teatromania", as well as workers from Azov ship-repairing factory will participate in the performance. Composers: Roman Grigorіv and Illya Razumeiko.

"Νερό" derives from Greek and means "water". Sea, Hellenistic culture and industry are parts of the genetic code of Mariupol. Reinterpretation of these elements, as well as a link between them, is a prerequisite act for Mariupol of the future.

Grand Opera "Νερό" will be a large-scale musical-theatrical show where viewers will see the Ballet of Cranes and Dance of loaders, where sounds of the factory will become a part of the polyphonic canvas, and industrial landscape sea and visual installations of artists will become a scenery.
Thank you, dear friends,
the third batch of tickets is sold.

Soon, we will launch a sale of the next batch.
Opera "Νερό" is a site-specific project that will be created specifically for Startup GogolFest 2019 and will be performed only once. The peculiarity of the site-specific project is that they are not performed on the classical theatre stage, but in places that are not adapted for performances, what allows interact with viewers and space in a new way.

The entrance will be limited because the location can't accommodate up many people. However, the virtual attendance is possible: those who won't get inside will be able to watch online broadcasting of the event on big screens and with good sound at the Main Stage in the City Garden.
Azov ship-repairing factory is a secure area, so access is possible only with passes. The pass will be prepared only for you and after registration, you won't be able to transfer your right to participate to another person.
«Νερό» questions-answers
Friends, due to the great excitement and frequent questions about grand opera "Νερό", we prepared a small guide on the event.

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