«Νερό» questions-answers
Grand Opera "Νερό" is Startup GogolFest 2019 event which will happen on 27th April, in one of the docks of the Azov ship-repairing factory.

Director: Vlad Troitsky. NOVA OPERA, social rave-band TseSho, actors from Contemporary Arts Center "Dakh" and "Teatromania", as well as workers from Azov ship-repairing factory will participate in the performance. Composers: Roman Grigorіv and Illya Razumeiko.

Opera "Νερό" is a site-specific project that will be created specifically for Startup GogolFest 2019 and will be performed only once. The peculiarity of the site-specific project is that they are not performed on the classical theatre stage, but in places that are not adapted for performances, what allows interact with viewers and space in a new way.


With each batch of tickets, we offer from 30 to 40 seats. A total amount of tickets available for sale is 200 what is more than a third of the total number of people who can be accommodated in the dock of Azov ship-repairing factory. The rest of the seats is distributed among festival organizers, immediate parties that create the opera, the partners who support the festival and help it to be held, foreign delegations, the media, the festival team, and technical specialists.

The launch of a new wave of tickets sale will be primarily announced on the Facebook page of the event. Then those who received the notification and reacted first will have an opportunity to register themselves. Due to the great attention and strong interest, the batch of tickets is sold in about one hour - an hour and a half.

After registration and payment of participation fees, you will be added to the list of participants. The entrance to the Azov ship-repairing factory territory will be carried out on the basis of this list. The participants are requested to have an identity document: passport or driving license.

There won't be tickets as such. Within a week after the registration, you will receive an email confirming that you are included to the list and your documents are accepted. Please check your junk mail folder just to make sure that you received the confirmation letter. Your presence in the lists will ensure your participation in the event.

Registration is only allowed if the participant is 16 years of age or older.


Azov ship-repairing factory where the opera will be performed is a secure area, so access is possible only with passes. The pass will be prepared only for you and after registration, you won't be able to transfer your right to participate to another person. In order for us to make a pass, participants are required to submit a copy of their documents.

To ensure access of participants to the territory of the factory, the festival team prepares participants lists and collects copies of their identity documents till the April 15th. Then the lists and copies of documents are transferred to the factory services for the preparation of passes.

One of the phases of this process requests the collection of copies of participants' identity documents. This may be a photo/scan of the first page of the passport or a driver's license. Startup Gogolfest Team pays great attention to the protection of participants' personal data and takes full responsibility for its preservation. Startup GogolFest Team will not disclose Personal data to third parties. You can read more on the website of the opera in the "Confidential Policy" section.

If for some reason you do not want to transfer documents, you can prepare pass on your own. In this case, we will allow you to register to the list of participants after payment of participation fees.

When passes will be ready, all participants will be notified via email and SMS. Few days before the event participants will receive instruction with details about event time and place. The main news will appear on the website of the opera and event page on Facebook.


As far as the location can't accommodate up all comers we invited a team of top professionals from the OpenTheatre project to work on broadcasting in order to reach the widest possible audience.

Central Stage in the City Garden is the second zone where on the big screen with high-quality powerful sound visitors will be able to watch the opera. Moreover, anyone wishing can watch the opera on a smartphone or laptop due to an online stream. Currently, we are negotiating with Mariupol TV channels, so the viewers can watch the opera without leaving their homes, simply by turning on the desired channel.

In order to create a prestigious and strong image of Mariupol on the cultural map of Ukraine, the opera will be broadcasted on more than ten regional Ukrainian TV channels. Thus, the night before Easter people from all regions of the country will be able to watch a unique "Mariupol-spirited" opera created by Vlad Troitsky. Opera "Νερό" is a reflection of the brilliant artist of our time, Vlad Troitsky, on the topic of what Mariupol is and can be. The сultural product, born in Mariupol and about Mariupol, will be broadcasted throughout the whole country.

However, it is not the end. It is planned that opera will be shown on the European TV channel Arte which reaches 10-12 million viewers a week in countries such as France and Germany. In its programs, Arte focuses on arts and culture, topics related to Europe and the European Union, and high-quality documentary. Representatives of the channel will visit Mariupol especially to watch the opera.

Thus, opera "Νερό" can become a very strong cultural marker of Mariupol, its business card not only in Ukraine but on the international level. "Νερό" is a powerful anthem to renascence and cleansing. The anthem of a strong society, which creates own independent future after centuries of destitution. This anthem will become a gesture of incredible beauty. We should be respected and not pitied. This respect is born where new valuable ideas appear. And Mariupol is the place where we can do this, where our country can discover a new self. That's what "Νερό" will be about.
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