About Startup ГогольFest
STARTUP GOGOLFEST, 26 April – 1 May 2019

GOGOLFEST is an international multidisciplinary contemporary art festival. During 10 years the festival was held in Kyiv gathering together the proactive and creative community. The festival creates a platform for communication between Ukrainian and foreign artists from different spheres.

Art manifests itself in different forms - theatre, music, cinema, literature, sculpture, visual art, performance. Except that GogolFest presents all these forms of art, the festival goes beyond presenting multidisciplinary works of art that is to say those works which belong to different disciplines simultaneously, for example, theatre, music, and visual arts.

At present GOGOLFEST changes its concept and launches local cultural festivals on the international level across the country. The festival encourages Mariupol to move forward and become the cultural and touristic center of Ukraine.

Why Mariupol?

The community and city council of Mariupol expressed their interest in supporting GOGOLFEST. The festival aims to transform Mariupol into the cultural and tourist center of the country by bringing together various art initiatives from Ukraine, especially from Mariupol and Donetsk regions and creating international collaborative projects with foreign artists.

The festival's objectives consist of mobilizing active creative cluster of Mariupol and Donetsk regions, motivating creative initiatives, creating art projects that will continue after the festival's end.

The strategy of the festival envisages the revitalization of the city and regional spaces, those include historical and symbolic areas, that are either abandoned or are just developing as centers of cultural activity.
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